Yacht Captain Employment Agreement

Submit the agreement with the shipping register in the ship`s flag state (the country where it is registered). 8. MLC compatibility requirements – customer8.11. The customer guarantees compliance with the MLC and the rules applicable to the use of the Masters and the crew at all times. Failure to do so could be a breach of contact. 8.12. According to the MLC, the customer:8.12.1. Provide the company with a presentation of the standard contract, including an SEA that will provide it to a crew member in front of a company crew that joins or will be introduced to their yacht.8.12.2. Ensure that the customer also complies with the flag`s status rules by giving the crew the opportunity to verify their employment contract before signing and starting work on the vessel.

8.12.3. Provide the crew with a personal copy of the employment contract.8.12.4. insurance coverage, in particular I-P-coverage, to ensure the financial security of crew members and to meet the financial obligations of shipowners under the MTC, including: the cost of repatriating or returning the crew member to the port in which they first joined the employer; to cover the crew member`s non-stop costs at a port other than the departure port.8.12.5. Make a copy of this insurance available to the company, as required under this clause, and confirm that it is in effect at all essential times.8.12.6. Ensure that candidates and/or crew members are informed of the specific conditions applicable to the activity, that this information is provided before any company obligations, and that the company, candidates and/or crew members are informed of a shipowner`s or customer`s employment policies.8.12.7. Take all reasonable steps to ensure that crew members responsible for safe navigation and pollution prevention are properly trained and certified.8.12.8. Takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the working conditions on board the crew vessels are in accordance with the collective agreements in force between shipowners` and seafarers` representatives. 8.12.9.

Subject to clause15 below, national natural equity legislation is respected in dealing with issues of incompetence, indiscipline or other employment-related issues, including dismissal.8.13 The client will take all reasonable steps to respond to requests for information or advice from family members of the crew while the crew members are at sea. These requests are processed immediately and with kindness and at no cost to the crew member or family members.8.14. Customers must comply with the Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour Convention) (Recruitment and Placement) Regulations 2014 and the Merchant Shipping (Hours of Work) Regulations 2002 as amended. Get each crew member to sign the agreement when they join the ship and at the end of the voyage. Flag states may choose not to apply MLC to yachts under 200GT, but this only applies to yachts operating in the local waters of this country, which will be uncomfortable for most owners. Every sailor is entitled to a fair terms of employment.10 Crew-Informationen10.1. Crew members are responsible for the accuracy of their CV information and the information contained in their profiles in the company`s database.